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The Potential Consequences Of Overfilled Coolant Reservoir Tank

Coolant is one such substance that helps prevent the heating of the engine.
Present in antifreeze or aptly a coolant tank,
The coolant needs to be filled to a specific level when you replace it over time. But there may sometimes be a case of the overfilled coolant reservoir. What could it lead to? Read on, to find out.

The Possible Outcome Of Overfilled Coolant Reservoir

It is known that the coolant reservoir tank usually has two marks.
One of the marks denotes the coolant in the reservoir when it is hot,
And the other indicates the coolant present when it is cold.
Generally, when there is too much coolant in the reservoir tank,
It gets expelled out through the overflow hose.
In case the expelling does not take place, it could lead to potential damages. What are they? Read on, to find out.

1. Pressure Build-Up.

When you overfill the coolant reservoir,
There won’t be much space left for the heated coolant to expand. As a result of which,
The pressure inside the reservoir would increase gradually. When this happens, the cap of the tank will open,
And the hot coolant would pop out like a puddle of lava.

There may also be a case when the cap of the tank would be
Non-functional owing to its corrosion or tightening. In this case, the overfilled coolant
The reservoir would pop out the built-up pressure through the freeze plug.
You could also read through the maintenance tips to;
Know the symptoms of the bad radiator caps.


2. Damage To The Stray Animals And The Environment

In most cases, when the coolant reservoir gets overfilled,
The excess of it gets drained out through the overflow hose. It may not cause any issue to your car as such,
But the expelled out coolant on the floor could harm the environment,
And the animals alike.

Is it a bad overfilled coolant reservoir?

3. The Electrical Damage.

This is one of the worst scenarios that could;
Result from too much coolant in the reservoir tank. The chances are rare, but the overflowing coolant may get into the
Contact of the electrical wiring of the engine. When such a thing happens, the electrical failure may occur.

Electrical damage would further lead to your car not starting, battery leakage,
Dimming of headlights while driving, or the malfunctioning of the brake lights.
If you experience any such symptoms,
Visiting a reputable mechanic would be helpful.

Stop overfilled coolant reservoir

Wrapping Up

Looking at the damages that an overfilled coolant reservoir can result in,
Being cautious is all that is required. Always be careful when filling in the antifreeze or
The coolant reservoir and fill it to the marked levels.
Such a step of yours can help save your car,
Your money, the environment, and the animals.

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