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Throttle Body Fuel Injection

Electronic fuel injections were introduced in the mid-1980s to replace carburetors in Spark Ignition Engines. Throttle body fuel injection has one or two injectors placed inside the
Throttle body and injects fuel into the inlet manifold.

The difference between carburetor and
Fuel injection is that carburetor uses vacuum to siphon fuel into the
Venturi where air and fuel mixes together,
Whereas in fuel injection,
Fuel is injected at a certain pressure created by
An electric pump mounted within or outside the fuel tank.

The throttle body has a valve that controls the flow of air.
The engine management system controls the fuel rate based on the;
Opening of the throttle valve.

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Advantages of TBI over Carburetors:

  • Fuel metering is improved.
  • It can be programmed to collect data to improve fuel injection and ignition.
  • Cold starting is better because injectors provide better atomization.

Drawbacks of TBI:

  • Fuel distribution is similar to that of a carburetor system.
  • Fuel delivery may be uneven to all the cylinders.
  • Air/fuel mixture has to travel a longer distance to reach the cylinders. Hence, it cools the inlet manifold much faster and can create puddles leading to condensation.
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