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Automation Will Take Away A Large Number Of Jobs, New Study Suggests | Innovation Discoveries

Automation is expected to take over a large number of jobs in the future as the experts predict. The UK based think-tank has recently analyzed the impact of automation in the country. According to their report, the vision of the future which will replace the human labour is very true. They also highlighted the main area which will be affected the most.

The Cities Outlook 2018» report explains how various urban centres in the UK will experience a huge displacement due to the automated systems. According to the estimate, 20.2 % of the working force will be replaced by 2030 in almost 63 largest urban areas of the country. The estimate made is roughly 6.3 million jobs. The cities which will be affected the most are in the country’s northern areas which means that the less wealthy areas will be affected the most.

The automation will affect the administrative jobs, retail sales, customer services, and warehouse work as well. Among 10 people, 1 person is employed in a warehouse or as an admin. This makes them the least vulnerable cities to be affected by the machinery. The Centre for Cities report is not the first who is considering the affect of automation in the UK.

In 2017, a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers predicted that in the next 15 years nearly 30% of the jobs will be automated. He said, «It’s vital that places like Mansfield, where automation could have a big impact, are the focus for skills and investment in education». Some experts also agree that the education and retraining are the only hopes we have right now to cope with automation. Canada is planning to invest in both.

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