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Mathematician Solves 2000-Year Old Problem With Lens | Innovation Discoveries

It is something that people other than photographers, chemists, physicists, or anyone who has a sharp eye rarely notice, but it exists nonetheless. The edges of images are always a bit soft as compared to the center of the image. Rafael G. González-Acuña is the name of the Mexican physicist and doctoral student at Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey who has come up with a solution for this 2,000 years old mathematics problem.

Yes, Rafael G. González-Acuña has managed to solve a two thousand years old problem. This implies that we will be able to take pictures that sharp and clear throughout the frame. As of now, whether you rely on a microscope or a camera; while the center of the image remains sharp and clear, the edges have never been equally sharp or clear. It has been about two thousand years that optical devices are suffering from this issue. Although, theoretically speaking, the curved lenses…Continue Reading

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