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Fifty percent of engineers fail to grab a dream job because of basic faults in their CVs/resumes. This article tells you about the best CV format for mechanical engineers and;
How you are supposed to design your CV when applying for jobs. Your CV is your first impression on the future employer. He/ she does not know you. Your CV is the only representation of your personality. He/ she may select or reject you after the first glance at your resume.

I have experienced shortlisting and interviewing candidates for different jobs. I was astonished to learn that most of the candidates simply copy-paste each other CVs without any changes at all. These types of CVs are rejected immediately. I am not trying to tell you that you should avoid copying,
Rather I am telling you to refrain from giving your CV to your friends.

An ideal CV consists of the following portions:

  • -Name/ Address of the applicant
  • -Objective
  • -Education Record
  • -Employment History
  • -Professional Skills
  • -Awards & Achievements
  • -Co-Curricular Activities/ Interests
  • -Professional Affiliations
  • -References

Name/ Address of the Applicant:

This is the first section of the CV. The best CV design will consist of name and address written in an elegant font style. Contact numbers, email ID,
Complete address and skype ID are basic parts of this section.


What is your objective/ purpose for applying for this job? This should be job-specific. Don’t copy/ paste CV objectives from the internet. Write your own unique objective and;
Tell the employer what you have got and how you will contribute to a potential employer? Avoid outdated statements.

Education Record:

This section briefly gives all historical information about educational qualifications,
Starting from most recent first. Do not give information about diplomas at this stage,
Only professional qualifications which make you eligible for the job.

Employment History:

Give detail of current job and previous job history with,
All detail of projects executed and job descriptions. Only give brief detail here. Do not write complete detail;
(Save something which you can tell verbally during the interview).
Employment history also includes internships and apprenticeships.

Professional Skills:

Best CV format of mechanical engineers gives detail of all software,
Suits and computer applications you are proficient in.
For example:
AutoCAD, ANSYS, Pro Engineer, Microsoft Office, Primavera, Operating systems,
Photoshop and technical writing skills etc. The more the better. Please only mention that the software which you are proficient in.

Awards & Achievements:

This is the section that differentiates all CVs. Previous all things will be almost the same for all mechanical engineers. Here your awards and achievements during,
Different projects that you have executed will make a real difference.

Co-Curricular Activities:

These activities do not make as much difference but are always discussed in the interview. So, you have to write the detail of all sports activities (indoor/ outdoor)
And other co-curricular activities. Because sports and extra-curricular activities are
Considered a token of a healthy mind. Do not write only traditional activities,
Mention other social responsibilities as well that you have taken. For example
Volunteer work, teaching, social welfare organizations, etc.

Professional Affiliations:

Provide a list of the professional organizations to which you belong.
For example, your country’s American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
Or any other local engineering councils/agencies.

References: References can be provided upon request.

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