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Construction of Propeller Shaft

Construction of Propeller Shaft

Propeller shaft or Cardan shaft is – a mechanical component of transmission for transmitting torque and rotation.

Propeller shaft consists of one or several Cardan shafts or cardan hinges. It usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because of the distance between them.

Construction of Propeller Shaft

Types of Propeller shafts:

A – propeller shaft of a car;
B –propeller shaft of a truck;
C, D – propeller shafts for truck or van for off-road vehicles;

1 – Gearbox; 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11 – propeller shafts;
3 and 10 rear drive bridges
5 – intermediate bearing;
6 – distribution box
8 – front drive bridge

Rear Drive Bridge mounted to the bearer frame on the leaf springs, and it changes the position in depending on the frame; gearbox mounted on the frame stationary.

The propeller shaft is used to transmit rotation moment from the driven shaft of the gearbox to drive shaft main gear (axles of them intersect and have the situation under the corner that change by increase or decrease of loading) and also the result of tremors when car running by uneven road.

Propeller shaft consists of shafts, them supports and cardan hinges.

Propellers shafts mounts between clutch and gearbox, that is situated separately from the engine;
Also between gearbox and distribution box; between the main gears of the two leading rear axles of a three-axle vehicle; between the main gear and half shafts of front-drive wheels; BTW Half shafts and front-wheel drive.

There are next kinds of propeller shafts: a single and a double;

Single propeller shaft – propeller shaft with only one Cardan hinge that situated near the gearbox.

Double propeller shafts have the Cardan hinges both on the ends of the shaft.

Construction of Propeller Shaft

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