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Brakes, Brake Control and Driver Assistance Systems: Function, Regulation and Components

Brakes, Brake Control and Driver Assistance Systems
Function, Regulation and Components

Braking systems have been continuously developed and improved throughout the last years.

Major milestones were the introduction of the antilock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability program.

This reference book provides a detailed description of braking components and how they interact in electronic braking systems.

Complex technology of modern motor vehicles and increasing functions need a reliable source of information to understand the components or systems.

The rapid and secure access to this information in the field of Automotive Electrics and Electronics provides the book in the series “Bosch Professional Automotive Information” which contains necessary fundamentals, data and explanations clearly, systematically, currently and application-oriented.

The series is intended for automotive professionals in practice and study which need to understand issues in their area of work.

It provides simultaneously the theoretical tools for understanding as well as the applications.

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