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Convert Drum Brakes To Disc Brakes In 3 Steps!

Whether you are a tuner-car enthusiast or
Want your car to perform better at the time of braking,
The drum to disc brake conversion is the first upgrade that you should think about. Ditching the old-fashioned drum brakes for discs makes perfect sense since,
The former one cannot deliver a high amount of stopping power and,
It is highly susceptible to heat, moisture, and debris. These also demand regular maintenance and tune-up. But, how to convert drum brakes to disc? Is it a simple or laborious process? Does it cost too much?

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How to Convert Drum Brakes to Disc?

Drum to disc conversion is a challenging process and
Most brake shops don’t even have the expertise and engineering to handle the task.
However, you can do it yourself given that you have solid knowledge and
Hands-on experience in the automotive mechanism.

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How to Convert Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes – The Step-by-Step Process

The first step is to prepare everything and
That includes draining half of the brake fluid from the master cylinder and
Loosening the lug nuts on the wheel where you will remove the brake drum from. Lift the vehicle with a jack and remove the tire.

The conversion will increase the car’s performance.

When you are prepared to convert drum brakes to disc, follow these next steps:

Step 1

Find a small round clip on the wheel stud if the car is a rear-wheel drive and remove it. Turn the adjuster wheel inside the access hole,
Which must be on the backing plate or the brake drum,
And loosen the drum. Finally, remove it from its socket.

If the vehicle is a front-wheel drive, detach the wheel bearings and
The bearing cap to be able to disconnect the brake drum.


Step 2

This step of the drum to disc conversion is about disconnecting the brake shoes.
After the removal,
Unfasten all the hardware attached to the shoes including the screw assembly,
Springs, and retainer rings.

Examine closely the condition of the spindle. Clean the dirt and rust or replace it if it is worn out.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to attach the disc brakes. But, you have to connect the rotor to the spindle
First by fastening the nuts and bearings. Secure the brake pads by placing the caliper
Assembly on top of the rotor and fastening the brake lines. Wrap this step up by
Installing the parking brake cable inside the caliper piston.

When you are finished securing every last screw and bolt,
Refill the master cylinder with fresh brake fluid. You are done with the drum to disc brake conversion!

Convert Drum Brakes to Disc – How Much Is the Cost

It is easier to carry out the conversion in old vehicles and
The obvious candidates are the pre-1970 models because of disc brakes,
Were not standard until the ‘70s.

The cost actually depends on the make and model of the vehicle.
The conversion kit for an old Camaro or Mustang is about $400,
But it will be more for a Ford F100 because it has a larger axle.

Check out the video below to see Drum to Disc brake conversion DIY:

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