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How does Muffler work?

Why do Engines make noise?

You would have seen lots of vehicles on a road that make different noises. An engine makes a lot of pulsating noise as the exhaust gas escapes the exhaust valves at very high pressure. These sounds bounce around the inner walls of the tailpipe and can create a loud and annoying noise. A muffler is used to minimize the sound and
Also, tune the sound before the exhaust exits the tailpipe.

Where is a Muffler installed?

Mufflers are installed usually at the end of the tailpipe. You can spot it as a big box and it does not treat the pollutants in the exhaust gases.
It acts as an acoustic soundproofing device designed to
Reduce the loudness of the engine noise.

How does Muffler work?

Mufflers are lined with baffles. As the exhaust enters the muffler, the sound waves bounce off these baffles,
Thereby creating opposing sound waves that cancel each other out. The baffles and chambers can also be tuned to get the desired sonic effect. We can either cut the sound as much as possible or focus on the desired sound with an amplified growl range.

Can a Muffler affect engine performance?

Yes, a muffler can affect engine performance. The engine requires fresh charge as soon as the exhaust escapes the exhaust valves. The faster we can get rid of the exhaust from the exhaust pipe,
The faster we can supply fresh charge to the engine and can improve its performance. Installation of muffler shouldn’t affect the flow rate of the exhaust from the system.

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