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Engineering Drawing and Design | PDF

Engineering Drawing and Design pdf by innovationdiscoveries

This book will cover the field of engineering theory, analysis, design, and practice known as mechanisms, also known as kinematics, and dynamics of machines. 

Although this text is aimed primarily at mechanical engineering students, the information presented can be useful to practicing engineers at any stage of their careers.

Contents in Engineering Drawing and Design 

Engineering Drawing and Design pdf by innovationdiscoveries


  1. Introduction to Engineering Drawing and Design
  2. Drafting Equipment, Media, and Reproduction Methods
  3. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
  4. Manufacturing Materials and Processes
  5. Sketching Applications
  6. Lines and Lettering
  7. Drafting Geometry
  8. Multiviews
  9. Auxiliary Views
  10. Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  11. Fasteners and Springs
  12. Sections, Revolutions, and Conventional Breaks
  13. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  14. Pictorial Drawings and Technical Illustrations
  15. Working Drawings
  16. Mechanisms: Linkages, Cams, Gears, and Bearings
  17. Belt and Chain Drives

25. The Engineering Design Process


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