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New Safety Feature In Google Maps Will Prevent Taxi Kidnappings

The latest Google Maps feature is focused on the safety of its users. It will send you an alert if your taxi goes 500 meters off route. This latest feature has been named as Stay Safer.

There might be other reasons why your taxi driver is taking a detour including a road blockage or maybe to drive via shorter route; however, the alert – Stay Safer – has been designed primarily for the sake of imparting safety to the users when they are traveling in an area that is unknown to them.

The feature of Stay Safer is available for both iOS and Android. The feature was first launched in India earlier this year and has been developed for women that have to commute alone. As per the XDA Developers report, the feature of Stay Safer will soon be rolled out worldwide and has already been spotted in the US and Netherlands.

As soon as your app is updated, Stay Safer would become visible as an option when you click on ‘Get Directions.’ The Stay Safer feature will also allow you to share your live location with your family members and friends. This way, you are able to keep them informed about your whereabouts, and if you are off the designated route, they will be alerted right away.
With increasing concerns about safety, this particular feature by Google will impart the needed confidence to the customers so that they are able to confront their drivers if the driver takes a detour.

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