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Does Dark Mode Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer? This Experiment Finds Out

Get ready because you are about to learn the difference it makes when you are using your phone apps on dark mode as opposed to the regular settings. The video that has been featured in this article will show you how, when you use certain apps on dark mode, you are able to save battery life.

The dark mode was first launched as a setting on some apps. While some of us considered it to be weird at first, others were overjoyed because it was something that they had wanted for years. The dark mode is particularly amazing if you have sensitive eyes or if you don’t want to tire your eyes out.

Many have asked if using dark mode is better for your phone battery. That is where PhoneBuff comes in with its video, where a test is performed to gauge if dark mode is actually better for your phone battery. The test was carried out using iPhone XS Max; however, the test results should be consistent with OLED displays that have dark mode enabled.

The first phase of the test lasted for about 2 hours, and on the video, a message screen was kept on where we could see two people texting. After two hours, the battery of the phone that was running in dark mode stood at 88%, and the battery of the phone that was being run on light mode was at 83%. The second phase also lasted for two hours, during which Twitter was used. At the end of these two hours, the phone that was running dark mode came down to 72%, whereas the phone running on light mode came down to 57%.

The second last phase also lasted for about two hours, during which YouTube was used on both phones. The dark mode iPhone had its battery at 43% when the phase ended, whereas the light mode enabled iPhone’s battery was at 20%. For the last phase, Google Maps was used. The light mode enabled iPhone died after running for 1 hour and 33 minutes, whereas the dark mode enabled iPhone was at 26% after two hours.

Check out the video below and see for yourself how using the dark mode helps you in saving your smartphone’s battery!

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