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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 Is The Most Easily Repair Laptop Thanks To Magnets

Microsoft recently introduced its latest Surface Laptop 3 at the start of this month. During the unveiling ceremony of Surface Laptop 3, Chief Product Officer Panos Panay carried out a demonstration during which the CPO lifted the top assembly on stage, thus showing how well-designed it is as compared to its predecessors.

The top assembly of Surface Laptop 3 is the part that houses the keyboard. Now iFixit’s teardown has gone a step further in establishing that the laptop is a more repairable laptop. It has been proven that it is very easy to open the device and that it fares much better as opposed to the previous Surface devices.

Once the screws at the bottom of the laptop were removed, the iFixit team was able to remove the entire top cover assembly without breaking a sweat. The top cover assembly was only attached to the remainder of the device using a single flex cable. It is not secured using glue but rather with magnets. The SSD is also super-easy to remove and can be easily swapped out for another if you wish to upgrade.

iFixit further notes that the latest Surface’s internal design demonstrates a ‘dramatic improvement’ over the previous versions. Microsoft has managed to make this happen without having to compromise on the device’s looks – it remains sleek and stylish. Although the latest Surface has managed to retain some of the properties of its predecessors, including the glued-down battery iFixit is certain that this particular laptop model will be defining the bright future of Surface Laptop 3.

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