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This Walking Robot Will Soon Be Making Your Mail Deliveries

Say hello to Digit V2! Digit V2 is a delivery robot that has been designed in a way that it is able to become an integral part of the delivery industry. We all know that robots can do a lot of tasks, including playing the violin, playing ball, and even cleaning the house.

In fact, Boston Dynamics also created a robot Atlas that is capable of performing feats of parkour. Put simply; robots are quite rapidly evolving into something that is as close to humans as is possible. The most recent in the family of robots is the Digit V2 – a delivery robot that is created by Agility Robotics.

Agility Robotics has introduced a fresh breath of air with its latest robot. The company is aiming to transform the delivery sector with its innovative approach and make the conventional delivery system undergo a paradigm shift.

The video at the end of this article clearly depicts that it is the dawn of a new era with amazingly good quality delivery robots. Furthermore, if you consider the price and performance ratio, it is an understood fact that robots will prove to be more profitable, given that they are properly looked after. You don’t need to pay the robots an hourly wage, and that is where most of the savings will take place.

Now, this also poses a serious question; will humans be unemployed because of robotics and artificial intelligence? What do you think will be the future of our planet if robotics and AI continue to progress in this manner? We believe that while robots will take over some of the jobs, human supervision will continue to remain a big plus, and thus, we need not worry about robots taking over the jobs of humans.

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