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Watch This Guy Create A Bass Instrument Using A Simple Fan | Innovation Discoveries

This guy transformed a fan into a bass instrument by making use of a disk and some creativity. The ending contraption can create sounds that will be music to your ears. Are you a fan of electronic music, or do you prefer techno, house, dubstep, or deep house? Are you a fan of bass? And we promise that this is the last question; do you also like people who are innovative and come with amazingly creative ideas?

If yes, then this video is definitely going to be a delight for you. What you are about to witness is the story of a guy who attached a disk with holes to the fan, thus converting the blinks of light to electronic signals and creating sound using a bass amplifier.
So, what is really going on over here? The holes on the disk create a musical scale, and by switching the power on and off, it roars. You don’t need to pay for a Skrillex concert if you are creative and can come up with ingenious ideas.

We really enjoy such DIY projects. Why? Because these are the kind of DIY projects that calls for ingenuity and unbridled creativity. You can actually build upon this approach and create different instruments using a fan. The sky is the limit, and you just might be able to create something better, as well. In the meantime, we strongly suggest that you check out the following video and make sure that you let us know what you think about it, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.

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