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Paper Phone App Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Phone For A Day

Do you feel like you are unable to put your phone down these days?
While yes,
It does allow you to remain connected to a vast collection of data,
It does become a source of anxiety and stress.

That’s where Paper Phone comes in,
An Android app that uses one of the oldest technologies provides you with digital detox paper.
The app, as per its developers, has been designed for,
People feel that they spend too much time on,
Their phones and struggle to find a balance with technology.

Paper Phone App Can Help You Go On A Digital Detox

It gives users a break from the screen time by,
Printing a personal booklet made up of information taken from the phones of users that they will need for the day.
This includes contact information, maps, and meeting details. It is also capable of printing out ‘paper apps’ for recipes, notes, or phrasebooks.

Paper Phone App Can Help You Go On A Digital Detox
After installation,

The app takes you through the upload phase of the chosen data and either print it for you or save it as a PDF.
Afterward, the exported content is printed into a foldable booklet – ready for carrying by the user.

The venture is part of the Google Experiments series, consisting of groundbreaking experiments and applications leveraging Google products, like Chrome and iOS, or using third-party platforms such as Unity.

Paper Phone App Can Help You Go On A Digital Detox

Paper Phone app comes on the heels of five latest Google apps that are aimed at controlling the screen time. Public concern is growing over the amount of time that we are spending on our devices, especially in the case of children.

Many people are actually looking for ways to reduce the time that they are spending on their phones and gadgets. Paper Phone might not prove to be a very practical solution, but it does offer a fun and innovative way of stepping away from your smartphone for a day or two.

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