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Watch This Unstoppable Terminator Robot In Action

That will either make you laugh or help you lose. What you’re about to see,
It is a life-sized robot being harassed by
Humans and still not using live ammunition to shoot them?

The awesome parody video comes from Corridor,
Where a hilarious re-enactment of the robot promotional videos of
Boston Dynamics by the popular YouTube channel.
The short film also demonstrates the skill level of the people, who are behind the Corridor YouTube channel.

The video shows a man-sized fighting robot that has been trained thoroughly.

The robot is, not allowed to shoot humans and can only fire at inanimate objects. The Corridor crew is determined to put the robot’s training to test.
Corridor Demonstrates Bosstown Dynamics’ Robot

The robot is holding guns with live ammunition and,
It is ready to shoot at its target when the crew members push, kick, and shove the robot.

They do use spades and the soles of their boots.
Despite the fact that the robot flails and, at times,
Even falls down, it remains on target nonetheless and continues to hit the bullseye every single time.

You can see the robot getting more and more irritated and frustrated at the human crew members,
But since it has been programmed not to attack or shoot human beings,
It takes its frustration out by shooting at inanimate targets.

Corridor Demonstrates Bosstown Dynamics’ Robot

The Corridor case crew members walk next to goals while still sitting while fitting the dummies scale and costumes.

The robot who is holding a gun moves from the human to the target and only shoots at the inanimate targets. The ending of the video has a hilarious twist, as well! Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

Note: This is not actual footage,
Demonstration of the editing skills that the Corridor team possesses.

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