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This Is How Youtube And Google Celebrated Halloween

Hello there, did you enjoy Halloween?
How many of you noticed that,
Different companies celebrated Halloween in a very smart manner?
We are talking about YouTube and Google!

To line with the spirit of the holiday,
A number of organizations updated their Twitter handles.
YouTube is now BooTube, Google is Boogle, and Google Maps was Googhoul Maps. Certain similar monitoring platforms included YouTube Gaming,
Which changed its handle to Bootube Gaming.
And YouTube Creators changed their handle to BooTube Creators.

This Is How Different Companies Celebrated Halloween

During this time, google Developers chose to opt for,
Ghoulish Dead Developers along with two emojis skeletons on each end of the words.
That is not where the fun ended; even serious bodies, including NASA Goddard decided to jump onto the bandwagon as well, and changed their Twitter handle to NASA Gourd-dard.

This Is How Different Companies Celebrated Halloween

These changes in Twitter handles were accompanied with different illustrations.
Both Boogle and BooTube featured pumpkins instead of Os,
Whereas Googhoul Maps featured a ghost emoji after the word maps.
NASA Gourd-dard also changed its picture thumbnail,
And background picture to that of a Halloween inspired star and a carved pumpkin.

This Is How Different Companies Celebrated Halloween

What do you think of these subtle ways of celebrating Halloween?
Be sure to share this with your friends and family members. We would also love to hear about your Halloween celebrations.
Do share them with us in the comments below.

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