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See How Porsche’s New All-Electric Sports Car, the Taycan, is Made

This particular video will take you behind the stage in a Porsche factory where you will learn how the Taycan is being manufactured. It will show you how the mere skeleton of a car can be crafted into something that can claim to be a powerful sportscar. Porsche demonstrates how the latest and all-electric Taycan is built – from the very basic frame to a shiny new sportscar – in this video that we have featured for you today. The video is mesmerizingly captivating – you will see yellow-tinted moving machines busy assembling sections of Porsche’s latest sportscar.

The Taycan’s structure is moved seamlessly and in a smooth manner between various stations in the main plant of Porsche. The plant is located in Zuffenhausen, Germany. This section involves dipping the shell – we loved how the soon to be Taycan was smoothly and carefully submerged into the liquid. In fact, you will be tempted to watch it again and again.

Once the spray painting is over, humans enter again. They will double-check that everything is prim and proper and that nothing has been overlooked. This stage is the modeling process, and then comes the phase of adding machinery to the car along with the interior.

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