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Smart Sunglasses Advise Users On When To Seek Shade | Innovation Discoveries

There have been different devices, including wrist bands, that give a warning to the user when the ultraviolet light exposure gets too much. However, users still need to look at things despite that exposure. That is why Glatus sunglasses are a perfect device for such a task! Not only will these Glatus sunglasses notify you verbally, but they will also let you know if you are a bit too drowsy to drive.

Glatus sunglasses are being offered by Innocean Worldwide that is based in Seoul. The Glatus sunglasses come with UV sensors in each arm. These sensors transmit data to an iOS/Android app using Bluetooth connection.

The app keeps track of the user’s cumulative UV exposure, and a speaker that is located in one of the arms of the glasses is used for giving verbal warning at five different exposure levels. The warnings range from ‘your sun exposure is high, be careful’ to ‘your sun exposure is extreme, seek shade.

Users will also be able to check their exposure level in between warnings. How? By simply looking at the app screen. Furthermore, if you have the setting enabled in the app, infrared sensors at the edge of each lens will ascertain how often the user is blinking while driving. If the blink rate increases to the level where drowsiness is indicated, the user will be warned via a verbal message.

A pair of the water-resistant Glatus glasses weigh in at 37 grams and come with a 120-mAh battery that charges completely via a 2-hour USB charge, and it is good to go for about 20 hours of UV-monitoring or 8 hours of blink-monitoring.

The lenses of the Glatus sunglasses can filter out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Glatus sunglasses are currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and with a pledge of $177, you will be able to get your hands on a pair that have a planned retail cost of $295.

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