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These 3D-Printed Exoskeleton Knee Braces Will Help People With Knee Disabilities | Innovation Discoveries

PEEK is a high-performance FDM filament which is used in the medical applications. The company worked with INTAMSYS to develop the passive exoskeleton. INTAMSYS offers very high-quality parts which are 3D printed. The BioNEEK brace is for knee support that has a magnetorheological damper which has the function of absorbing shock.

This way, the rehabilitation of the knee joints are facilitated. The hinge also tracks the natural knee moments to provide stability and support. The thigh bone and the shin bone are joined together by the knee. There are many bones which join together to form this one joint.

Knee joints play a vital role in maintaining the balance and holding the body weight. The joints face most pressure when a person is walking, running, or jumping. There are many reasons which account for the knee pain that arises from various activities. Usually, only one knee is affected by the sports-related injuries.

However, diseases like arthritis, gout, pseudogout or osteoarthritis are the reason for pain in both the knees. The passive exoskeleton is the reason which becomes very useful to aid people in these cases and also ensure the protection of the knees. The knee brace is printed using INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO HT 3D Printer. The bioNEEK knee brace can be customized to meet the specific needs of various users.

The parts of PEEK which are produced on the Pro HT printer has a tensile strength of about 99.9 MPa and Young’s Modulus of 3738. This strength is required for PEEK to be used in the main frame of BioNEEK since it needs to support the load on the knees. As the problems related to knees have grown a lot in today’s generation. The products like BioNEEK will bring a huge comfort for the people who face restriction with movements due to knee injuries.

The device can also provide support and strength to the knee after knee replacement surgery has been done.

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