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This Is The World’s Largest Guitar Pedalboard Ever | Innovation Discoveries

Rob Scallon decided to create the world’s biggest guitar effect pedalboard that comprises of 319 effect pedals on 34 different pedalboards. He did this project in collaboration with the Sweetwater campus. Scallon said, ‘We have the best experts here. ’ The team kicked off the project by starting to organize the pedals by type.

A rule that the team followed was to make sure that no pedal was being duplicated. The second rule that the team had to follow was to make sure that all of the pedals were in a single signal flow. Afterward, they had to conduct a demonstration where they had to show that all of the pedals worked and final play a gig. That was quite a lot to achieve, but the team was able to pull it all off quite successfully.

However, that is about all that we will be telling you over here. For the rest of the project and details, you will have to check out the video below. The record-breaking gig featuring the world’s largest guitar pedalboard is something that should not be missed.

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