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Iran Is Almost Done Developing An AI-Based Supercomputer | Innovation Discoveries

Iran is moving forward in the ever-developing market of global information technology. Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi is the minister of Information and Computer Technology in Iran. He tweeted last weekend where he made an announcement of an existing supercomputer project – Simorgh -that is already in final stages of development.

The tweet said that the Simorgh supercomputer project would be launched next year and according to Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, it would be ‘100 times more powerful than previous ones.’ The tweet has been translated from Persian using help from Google, and it reads, ‘The Simorgh Iranian supercomputer is due to launch next year: 100 times more powerful than previous ones, great! This supercomputer will support businesses with the goal of developing artificial intelligence. Thanks, guys!

The name Simorgh has been derived from an ancient Iranian mythological bird quite similar to Phoenix that we find other lore. The bird is huge, universally benevolent, and unilaterally female. This makes the Simorgh an interesting symbol – a union of the country’s past and its ambitions for the future. Iran already stepped up in the scientific fields in 2016 when it was given the rank number 15 in the world by National Science Foundation for a number of engineering and other science-based publications in peer-reviewed journals and books along with quality. The AI-based industries are leading the world of technological businesses these days. According to speculations, Iran wants its new supercomputer Simorgh to be ranked on the global scale by making it to the Top500 list.

Almost every developed country in the world is trying its best to develop some form of supercomputers so that they can compete while keeping up with global trade, innovation, and security. Supercomputers run on a parallel processing system while carrying enhanced memory technologies and come up with humongous internal storage.

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