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Tesla Cybertruck Tug-Of-War Vs. Ford F-150 Was Completely Pointless

The fight of “Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F150” tug-of-war, makes no sense at all. Since the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, the internet has been religiously obsessing over it. One topic of discussion among auto enthusiasts is the ‘tug-of-war’
Contest between the Cybertruck and a Ford F150,
Which showed the former one while driving uphill.

Naturally, this broke the internet and everyone started giving their explanation as to why that happened.
Thankfully, Jason Fenske,
A brilliant mathematician and Youtuber who owns the channel Engineering Explained, It is here to rescue us all.

He started off the video, as any sane person would,
By ranting about how exaggerated the launches of any electric vehicles are nowadays.

He said, “It seems no electric truck can be launched today without some gimmicky marketing to go along with it.”

“First we had the Ford F150 pulling a million pounds and now we have the
Tesla Cybertruck pulling a Ford F150,” he added

Then he goes on to show why the Cybertruck pulling the F150 is kind of pointless. Watch the video below to find out more.

Also, do note that Jason is an ardent supporter of clean electric technology and
He has encouraged, on his channel,
Several times for people to buy electric vehicles. He himself owns a Tesla Model 3 Performance, which he uses as his daily driver.

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F150 Tig-Of-War Stunt

As it is clear from the video, in the words of Jason himself,
“The purpose of this video is to explain to you,
Why that demonstration was completely pointless.”

According to Jason, the popular misconception in the case of
“Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F150” tug-of-war fight is that the
Cybertruck won because it had more low-end torque.
It employs an electric motor that produces more low-end grunt than the
Internal combustion engines and therefore won the tug-of-war.

That’s not the reason for Cybertruck’s victory.
The Ford F150 is equally capable of putting a huge amount of torque on to the ground. As Jason explains in both vehicles,
The torque produced by the engine is multiplied before finally reaching the wheels.

Since the drivetrain specs of the Tesla Cybertruck are not known,
Jason assumed a common transmission ratio of 10:1,
Based on other similar Tesla electric vehicles like the Model X.
This means that the wheel torque in the case of the Cybertruck will most likely be
Around 10 times more than the torque produced by an electric motor.

For the Ford F150, the engine torque becomes 33 times larger when it finally reaches the wheels.
This final torque, in both cases, is known as ‘Wheel Torque’,
A spec jargon that both Tesla Roadster and Karma SC2 electric cars use in their marketing.

Jason said that the winner of the tug-of-war competition is decided on the
Basis of who can put more force on the ground while moving.
This force is equivalent to the product of the weight of the vehicle and the
The coefficient of friction of the tires explained Jason.

Since the tire information was unavailable, he chose 1 as the coefficient for both vehicles. The weight of the Ford F150 is known and he assumed the
Tesla Cybertruck’s weight to be more than the Model X, equivalent to 6,000 pounds.

After a bunch of calculations,
The result concluded that the reason why the Tesla Cybertruck won was that
It simply had more weight over the driven wheels.

This was the case for a 4X4 Ford F150,
However, Jason argued that the Ford truck used in the video is a
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version with 60/40 weight distribution.
He pointed towards the absence of front tire spin and a ‘4X4’ sticker at the
Side to prove his point.

In both cases, the Tesla Cybertruck exerted more than 1,000 pounds of force
Compared to the Ford F150 due to its large weight.

Jason also proved that the weight advantage does not diminish,
Even if the Tesla Cybertruck was going uphill.

“It was very easy for the Tesla Cybertruck to pull the truck uphill simply
Because it has more weight on the driven wheels,” said Jason.

Commenting on the heavyweight of the Tesla Cybertruck,
Jason also said “It is bad because cars shouldn’t be that heavy,
The more weight they have,
The more energy it takes to move them around and you know handling suffers,”

Very recently, Ford’s VP Sunny Madra challenged Elon Musk for an
“Apples-to-apples” test, signaling at another “tug-of-war” comparison.
Elon, unsurprisingly, agreed to the request.
So despite Jason’s excellent explanation,
The internet is going to get blessed with another round of
“Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F150” tug-of-war.

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