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The History of the Nissan GT-R

While the first Skyline, built by the Prince Motor Company,
Made its debut in 1957,
The first GT-R under the Nissan banner didn’t make its appearance until 1969
(Nissan took over Prince in 1966). The car’s S20 2.0-liter DOHC inline-6 was a detuned version of the R380 race car’s engine and produced 160 bhp. The 2000GT-R was created to win the JAF Grand Prix,
Which it did, kick-starting Nissan’s long success in motorsports.

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By the time the Skyline H/T 2000GT-R was produced,
Now in a coupe body style, the GT-R racked up its 50th overall racing victory.
The following year, the KPGC110 hit the market,
But after a production run of a mere 197 units,
Nissan pulled the plug on the GT-R,
Citing stricter emissions standards and the international oil crisis as the main reasons. The GT-R would not be seen for another 16 years.

The modern-day GT-R took the Japanese automotive market by storm when it was launched in August 1989. It featured all-wheel Super HICAS steering,
AWD and a turbocharged inline-6, the RB26DETT, which pumped out 280 BHP and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. Legend has it that chief engineer Shurei Ito didn’t reveal to anyone,
Including his team members,
That this car would wear the GT-R banner until right before its 260 lb (0.12 t)

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