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The New Triumph Rocket 3 GT Review and Insights

The new Rocket 3 GT delivers astonishing performance and presence,
Incredible comfort,
Laid-back cruiser riding attitude and effortless touring capability,
And heralds the genesis of a new motorcycle legend.

This is an all-new class-creating riding experience with
The Largest engine capacity ever seen on any production motorcycle,
And unparalleled world-leading torque figures that are an
Amazing 71% higher than the closest competition,
And more than the previous generation Rocket with
It’s incredible flat rich torque curve that reaches a peak at
4000 rpm and holds maximum torque
All the way through the mid-range to deliver effortlessly
Acceleration and response in any gear.

Peak power is 167PS at 6000 rpm (11% up on the previous generation),
So the new Rocket 3 offers a thrilling ride
(with more power from a low 3500 rpm and
All the way up to a new higher redline of 7000 rpm),
And the highest technology and specification ever seen on a Rocket.

All these, together, contribute to the new Rocket 3 GT’s
Sublime touring capability and comfort for every day, any gear,
Easy riding. As a pure Triumph original,
The new Rocket 3 GT is the pinnacle in style,
Muscular presence and finish. And you can enhance this incredible ride even more with
Over 50 new custom Rocket 3 accessories adding more style,
Practicality and touring capability.

Everything you need to know about the new
Triumph Rocket 3 R in this exclusive video.

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