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5 Effective Methods To Boost Engine Power

5 Effective Methods To Boost Engine Power
5 Effective Methods To Boost Engine Power

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to drive a faster car?

All the motorheads will like to Boost engine power to make their vehicle more powerful and efficient.

Even if you are not enthusiastic enough to tinker with the mechanism, You must love to have a little more power in the combustion chamber, haven’t you?

In fact, who wouldn’t be dying for waving at the face of those boorish teenagers while crossing their car on the highway?

5 Easy Tricks to Boost Engine Power

Your automobile needs to have more combustion in the fuel chamber to go faster.

You cannot do it by adding more oil because of the engine’s limited capacity.

The key is to modify it to make it capable of working with more air and fuel.

You can do these five things to boost engine power and make your vehicle run faster than ever:

Use a cold air intake (CAI)

It’s the cheapest and easiest way to increase torque and horsepower.

The CAI is an aftermarket assembly of parts that help the pulled air to become cold and dense.

The air gets mixed with the fuel, and together they burn to produce power.

Condensed air means more air gets into the cylinder and more air leads to more combustion.

The cold air intake increases torque and horsepower.

Reduce the weight

It’s just common sense that a light car will Move faster than its heavier counterparts.

You have to replace the bulky parts, not just in the engine block but throughout the vehicle, with lighter components.

Get rid of the extra seats, throw out unused things in the trunk, Switch glass windows with acrylic, and change the traditional brakes with disc brakes.

These things will make the car more aerodynamic and help the engine to use more power.


Install a performance chipset

There’s an automatic system that controls all the activities in the latest car models.

For example,

The onboard computer system can control the anti-lock brakes, the ratio of gas combustion, timing, etc. There are aftermarket performance ships that it can hack into the system and override the factory settings.

Replace your factory chip with a new one and use it to boost engine power.

The cat-back exhaust system makes more room for air and fuel.

Attach a cat-back exhaust system

Throw out the factory exhaust pipe and stock muffler and attach a new cat-back exhaust system behind the catalytic converter.

A combination of a high-flow cat converter and exhaust setup will increase the airflow supply and torque to enhance the horsepower.

It works by pushing the exhaust gases out faster making more room for air and fuel.

Invest in a forced induction system

Bring a supercharger or turbocharger into the engine mechanism and see how it adds to the torque and horsepower.

These tools can boost engine power by more than 50%!

These work by supplying more air into the engine block Enabling it to burn more fuel and yield more horsepower.

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