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These Robots Will Deliver Your Ordered Food In 100 US Universities | Innovation Discoveries

Starship Technologies is working on expanding its fleet comprised of autonomous food delivery robots, and they will soon be making their way to the college campuses. You can say goodbye to the days of placing orders online and then waiting for a person to deliver your ordered food at your door.

Thanks to the robots by Starship Technologies, everything will soon become automated from the very moment you place your order to the moment it gets to you. The company has managed to raise $40 million for its project and announced the successful funding on Tuesday. Starship Technologies is a startup that is based in San Francisco, and its robots have already undergone testing in more than 100 cities in twenty countries.

They have run a total of 350,000 miles, have been through 4 million streets, and recently completed their 100,000th delivery. These numbers are set to grow on an exponential basis once the company starts delivering to 100 different colleges across the US.

Starship Technologies has already commenced the process, and its robots are actually delivering food at George Mason University and the University of Northern Arizona. The aim is to introduce 25 robots on each campus over the next two years. The company intends to have a total of 5,000 robots roaming about these universities by 2021.

Each robot by Starship Technologies is electric and is capable of carrying goods weighing around 20 pounds. They also have cameras that enable them to find their way around obstacles, thus reaching the final destination without any kind of accident. The delivery zone for each robot is about three to four miles, with a top speed of four miles per hour.

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