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This AI Smart Toilet Will Keep Track Of Your Health By Analysing Your Poop | Innovation Discoveries

Soon enough, your toilet will be able to ascertain your potential health problems by carrying out an analysis of your bodily waste. This is the idea that is being pursued by a company known as Micron. Micron is busy creating a smart artificial intelligence equipped toilet.
As per Micron, the special toilet will be capable of carrying out analysis of urine and feces that are being excreted by the user. A fecal analysis is utilized for diagnosing conditions that might be hindering the effectiveness of the digestive tract.

These conditions include poor nutrient absorption, infection, or even cancer. On the other hand, urine analysis can be used for identifying kidney diseases, diabetes, and liver diseases in the early stages.
Feces and urine include byproducts from bodily processes, including digestion and detoxification. The new toilet will help you make sure that you remain on top of your health. These smart toilets could also be integrated with your smartphones or tablets.

How would that help? This will enable Micron to notify the users about their health issues directly. This would encourage a healthier lifestyle, don’t you agree? Micron sure has the required technology to pull this off but what remains to be seen is how this toilet data would be analyzed.

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