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This Bonkers 900-HP Electric Ford Mustang With a Six-Speed Manual Was Built for SEMA

It’s called the Mustang Lithium, and it’s packing over 1000 lb (0.45 t)-ft of torque.

Ford is going electric for SEMA this year with its freshly announced Mustang Lithium. The pony car is an all-electric one-off with over 900 horsepower and 1000 lb-ft of torque,
A bunch of aftermarket add-ons, and a six-speed manual transmission. Hell yeah.

The Mustang Lithium was built by Webasto, the company that developed the car’s battery system. It’s an 800-volt setup, similar to the one found on the Porsche Taycan. Power goes from two inverters to a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor,
Which sends thrust through a billet six-speed Getrag MT82 manual transmission. There’s an 8.8-inch Torsen limited-slip differential outback,
Twisting Ford Performance half-shafts.

The mods aren’t just limited to the powertrain. The Mustang Lithium has been decked out with a bunch of carbon fibre body parts and lowered one inch. The wheels are 20-inch Forgelines wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. They shroud six-piston Brembo brakes from the Shelby GT350R upfront, painted in bright blue. There’s also side sills and a rear diffuser from Sankuer Composite Technologies,
As well as a one-off hood from Webasto with see-through windows.

The car has a 10.4-inch touchscreen inside, used to control four different drive modes:
Valet, Sport, Track, and Beast. Ford doesn’t give any performance numbers,
But promises “stunning quarter-mile acceleration.” It sounds like fun.

It’s likely the Mustang Lithium will remain a one-off. Ford says it was built as a testbed to showcase the company’s collaboration with;
Webasto on battery and thermal management tech. If you happen to be attending SEMA this weekend, don’t miss it.

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