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You Can License Your Face For A Humanoid Robot For $130K | Innovation Discoveries

Are you running low on cash and have no quarrel about selling the rights to your face, then you are in luck. You can earn $130,000 by licensing your mug to a robotics company that is based in London. The robotics company will be using your face on one of its humanoid robots.

As per a recent blog post by the outsourcing company known as Geomiq, a robotics company is looking for a ‘kind and friendly’ face to place on a humanoid robot once the said robot goes into production. Potentially speaking, this implies that the person’s face will be used on thousands of humanoid robots all over the world. Considering that, the company is willing to pay $130,000 in licensing fees. The robot in question will be designed as a virtual friend for elderly people and is slated to enter production next year.

Geomiq is not allowed to give away too much information about the robotics company or the existing project owing to a non-disclosure agreement that they have signed with the designer and designer’s investors. However, they did say that the client is funded privately and has obtained investments from a number of Venture Capitalists along with a top fund in China.

Geomiq said, ‘We know that this is a unique request, and signing over the licenses to your face is potentially an extremely big decision.’ Geomiq also said that interested people could submit a picture of themselves via email. The robotics company has been working on this humanoid robot for about five years and owing to the secretive nature of the project, anonymity is crucial.
The chosen candidates, however, will be provided with complete details of the project.

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