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Your Wi-Fi Range Can Be Increased With This Software Fix

The need to connect connected to the Internet is at an all-time high, right? It’s crucial that they stay connected to Wi-Fi, and it becomes the family members. Request that Wi-Fi signals be available at every corner of the house.

A number of devices are available online to satisfy these needs, Including Amazon’s ERO routers and Google’s Nest WiFi capable of, Improving the primary WiFi signal.

Your Wi-Fi Range Can Be Increased With This Software Fix

However, the software protocol has recently been found by a team of researchers to take care of this demand. This software protocol can boost the range of WiFi by an additional 60 meters, according to researchers.

The research team is headed by,
Brigham Young University and named On-Off Noise Power Communication (ONPC) as the application protocol. To sustain a signal, standard Wi-Fi needs speeds of at least 1 megabit per second.

Your Wi-Fi Range Can Be Increased With This Software Fix
With the ONPC protocol,

The signal can be sustained by, Even a tiny one bit per second – one-millionth of the data speed that would have otherwise been needed.

How does this help with the app protocol? Well, together with data, it enables the Wi-Fi enabled devices to transmit wireless noise. BYU said this enables the device to transmit a series of 0s and 1s, allowing it to turn on and off its signal in a specific configuration.

This helps since this conveys that the system is still transmitting something to the Wi-Fi network, Even though no information is being transmitted, thereby allowing the device to retain the signal.

Washington University’s Professor Neal Patwari said,’ It’s essentially transmitting 1 bit of information saying it’s alive.’ After trial, the ONPC protocol was able to increase the scope of a traditional device by about 67 feet compared to conventional Wi-Fi.

The ONPC software protocol is an upgrade to the software, which means it can be used with any device that has Wi-Fi enabled.

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