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4 Low-budget Mechanical Engineering project ideas

Mechanical engineering is an exciting field of study,
Where you get a brilliant opportunity to work with machines and mechanisms.
Due to the immense contribution of mechanical engineers from all around the world,
Humans can lead to more advanced and sustainable life. With the help of these inventions, we not can make ourselves more productive,
But also helps us to preserve more natural resources. If you are a student of this field,
Then you will need to carry out lots of different projects,
So that you can garner experience and skill for future endeavors.

We have brought you 4 brilliant mechanical engineering project ideas that you can try out in a low-budget.

Low-budget Mechanical Engineering Project Ideas

If you are not able to spend a lot of money,
Then no worries because here are the 4 low budget mechanical engineering project ideas.

1. Wheel Chair cum Stretcher

Wheelchairs and stretchers are used in every hospital, right?
Therefore, how beneficial it will be if you can,
Combine these two and turn them into a single mechanism?
A wheelchair cum stretcher can be used as a stretcher and a wheelchair,
Wherein you require a remote to control the flow of the wheelchair.
The battery attached to the chair will drive the DC motor. The up and down movement will be controlled by the,
“Rack and pinion” mechanism with the help of a clogged or toothed bar.

This idea is easy to execute if the mechanisms like fixing different elements in,
DC motor, battery, and the “rack and pinion” mechanism are known well.
If you execute the idea well,
Hen you can benefit any person who has a problem with walking or who are injured.
If you work in a team, then the expenses will be on the lower side as well.

2. Solar Water Heater

Solar energy has turned out to be one of the,
Most popular renewable sources of energy in the past decade. It is simple to cultivate and use for different grounds,
Especially if you want to use it for household purposes.
So why not use solar power to heat the water in your house?

During winters, when we need warm water and often turn the geyser on,
It consumes a lot of energy that also takes a toll on our electricity bills.
But with the help of solar power,
It will be more sustainable and cheaper than ever.
A solar water heater is one of the best mechanical engineering project ideas, That will not cost you much.

• To make the water heater take a blackboard and make a box by using screws.

● You can choose a copper plate option,
or you can also paint the inside of the box black.

● Now install the water inlet and outlet through the box and then connect them with a black plastic tube.
Check the pipe once for leaks by filling water.

● Cover the box with glass and seal it after you have checked it.

● Now place the box under sunlight, and you will get warm water into your tank.

Make sure that the heater is present at a height above the storage tank,
So that the warm water can smoothly flow down.
That’s it! Your solar water heater is ready to use.

3. Simple Metal Detection Machine

If you are in a hunt for a treasure or any other metal object hidden under the ground,
You will need a metal detector to find it out, right?
So why don’t you build the mechanism yourself and start using it right away?
This is a fun and easy project that you can make along with your team or,
Just by yourself!

Before you start with the process, you need a few items to make the machine. These are – 555 IC, 47KΩ, two 2.2 µF capacitors, 10 µF capacitor, 8Ω speaker,
6 to 12V DC power supply and a 10 mH (millihenry) inductor.
Once you have gathered all the components,
You will need to assemble all of it on a perf board (PCB).

Now, place the 10 mH inductors at the end of the metal rod and connect it with the help of,
Wires to the circuit or the perf board that has all the components. Fix all the items very well, and that’s it! Your metal detector will be ready. You can connect the inductor with a switch to turn it on and off. Once it detects any metal,
The 8-ohm speaker will ring like a buzzer indicating any metal nearby. Cool isn’t it?

4. Solar Based Oven

It seems solar power has surely impressed the world because of its simple and renewable nature. Solar based ovens are very popular that you can try out. It is very simple to use and build without any huge costs attached to it.

Take a cardboard box of good quality and place it inside a bigger cardboard box of the same material. Maintain at least 1 inch of gap between the two boxes and fill it with a
Shredded newspaper which is going to act as an insulator. Now, paint the cardboard with black color or cover it with black construction paper which will allow it to absorb heat.

Cover all the flaps of the box properly with a suitable reflective material like thin aluminum or silver foil. Keep the flaps at an angle of around 45° so that the sun rays can reflect on them. With the help of rods, you can support these flaps to stay in position. Place the food inside the box and give it time to cook. So how easy was that? This is a brilliant way of using a portable solar cooker. However, don’t expect it to prepare food for a dozen people.

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