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How does power steering impact a vehicle’s performance?

How does power steering impact a vehicle’s performance

The goals of power steering.

Many cars today feature power steering.

Power steering is also known as power-assisted steering, greatly eases parking and driving.

Automotive power steering systems vary greatly in design.

The goal of a power steering unit is to make the steering easier to handle. 

The steering would still be quick and precise without being too sensitive to control easily, and the driver would still be able to tell what the wheels were doing at all times.


How Power Steering Works?
How Power Steering Works?

All vehicle manufacturers try to achieve those goals with their power steering systems, and for the most part, they succeed.

Modern power steering systems that are functioning properly usually don’t have a big, negative impact on handling. 

Sometimes the steering may feel very tight or hard to handle.

The biggest effect on handling that results from power steering, however, is what happens if the system fails.

Power steering failure is very rare but it’s important to know what to expect if it does occur.

The most common reasons for power steering failure are Fluid loss, from a slow or sudden leak.

Pump failure, Loss of power, either because of engine failure or because of loss of power to the steering system alone.


Electric vs Hydraulic Power Steering
Electric vs Hydraulic Power Steering

If your steering goes, this is what you need to do.

First do not panic.

The car is extremely hard to steer firstly. Get your car to your mechanic and get him to check what is going on.

Slow down gently — do not slam on the brakes.

Note that the brakes may also be harder to use (if the cause of the failure was a loss of power to the entire vehicle), but as with the steering they do work, they just require more force.

If you’re in traffic, turn on your hazard lights (flashers). Pull slowly toward the side of the road; again, it may be difficult to turn the wheel but you can do it.

Once you’ve pulled safely off the road, get the steering checked right away.

It may be safe, albeit harder, to drive the car but there also may be some mechanical problem that renders it unsafe.

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