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How Power Steering Works?

All of us like to drive cars. But a few of us know the working of the power steering installed in the cars. In this article, we are going to learn the exact working of the power steering. So, without wasting a single second, let’s get started.

Before the invention of the power steering,
It was very difficult for us to turn the front wheels of the car. As it was very difficult to turn the front wheels of vehicles,
A lot of road accidents were happening. In 1903, the first power steering got invented. The steering wheel helps the driver to control and operate the vehicle.

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The earlier steering systems were effective;
But very hard to operate as compared to the power steering system. Today with easy in operation and controllability,
The power steering mechanism is enabled by hydraulic or electric actuators.
They are used with less physical efforts and
Increased the command of the driver over the vehicle.

In the older steering system, the mechanical system including the steering shaft in
Conjunction with the pitman arm lever and shaft were;
Responsible for the movement of the front wheels.

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What is the need for the power steering?

As above mentioned this system,
It allows us to turn the front wheels of our vehicle instantly. Nowadays, everyone wants to purchase his/her car. Therefore, the number of cars and vehicles on the roads is increasing. If we are not able to turn our vehicle fast in traffic situations then,
Other people will suffer. So, this is one of the reasons behind having the power steering system.

This system reduces the physical efforts of the driver to steer the front vehicles. While driving old cars of Maruti and other companies,
A driver has to apply a larger amount of force to turn the vehicles on the roads
Full of mud and while driving on the bad roads. But due to the power steering,
It has become very easy to steer the front vehicles of our car.

After we rotate the steering, it comes to its original position.
So, thus the efforts of the driver get reduced while bringing back the
Steering to its mean or original position.

Do you have any idea about the types of power steering systems? Well, there are three types of power steering systems. These include Hydraulic, electric,
And the electro-hydraulic power steering system.
In all the systems, you will see that the turning motion of the steering wheel is
Converted into the transverse motion of the front wheels.

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