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How to Install a Big Block Chevy Manifold

How to Install a Big Block Chevy Manifold
How to Install a Big Block Chevy Manifold

A correct manifold has to be installed on the vehicle for making sure the engine runs in an efficient manner.

It is not very difficult to install a manifold on a big block.

Materials Needed

  • Non-hardening sealant
  • Silicone sealant
  • Rags
  • Oil

Tools Needed

Basic and metric tools like wrench, ratchet, and torque.
Protective clothing


Step 1:

All the gaskets must be tested, and it must be ensured that they are sealed properly.

If sealing is required for the bolts, they should be sealed quickly. The water ports and gasket heads need particular attention.

If the decks of the heads or blocks were machined, they might appear lower. If there are rubber gaskets or cork in the intake, then the block will not get tightly adjusted to the manifold.

Silicone can be used for making an airtight connection.

Step 2:

The next step is to install the manifold. Make sure that everything is correct with the oil splash guard. Once satisfied, the manifold can be lowered into place.

Make sure that enough help is available to get the manifold bolt holes lined up. Certain amounts of adjustments have to be done to line up the holes

Step 3:

Now the potential leaks have to be sealed. It must be understood that many bolts eventually end up near the head area.

A lot of oil will be present. For preventing leaks, a non-hardening sealant can be used on the bolts.

Step 4:

When the bolts on the block and manifold are tightened, the loosening and tightening sequences which are needed to be used should be understood.

Some can differ but the tightening and loosening sequence of many manifolds and blocks begin from the centre and work outwards.

Step 5:

It should be ensured that each tightened bolt to the same rating by using a torque wrench. Each bolt, however, might not be reached with a torque wrench. If it happens, then a box wrench can be used.

Step 6:

The task requires working with steel parts and larger vehicles, this means that safety precautions must be taken.

Those who are helping in this task must also be aware of the safety procedures while the manifold is installed.


When the manifold is lowered into its position, this is the point when Particular precaution should be taken. Care should also be taken when silicone is handled as a sealant.

This is how the task is done, it can be done in a DIY style to help save a good amount of money.

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