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Most Common Loose Alternator Belt Symptoms

3# Blinking Lights

Blinking headlights or dimming cabin lights when the car is running indicates an alternator or battery issue. A slipping alternator belt will cause the matter to persist,

Before the lights leave completely.

4# Dead Battery

Battery issues are a number of the foremost common loose alternator belt symptoms since a 

Slipping belt means curtailed or no power to the battery. 

When this happens, the battery will use its reserved electrical charge to power up 

All the components within the vehicle the facility are going to be consumed during a jiffy, 

And it’ll be dead.

5# Stalled Vehicle

The next step to a dead battery may be a dead car. When there’s no power supply, 

The engine collapses, stopping your vehicle immediately. You don’t want this to happen because it’ll be dangerous on a busy road. So, take action once you face other slipping belt symptoms.

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