Reasons For Transmission Shifting Hard From 1st To 2nd Gear

The mechanism of an automatic transmission is complicated and it takes time, money,
And expertise to solve if there is any problem with this component. One such complex issue is auto transmission shifting hard from 1st to 2nd. Even experienced mechanics struggle to
Find out the exact reasons for this problem.

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Transmission Shifting Hard from 1st to 2nd: The Reasons

The shifting hard problem can persist even after replacing the fuel filter and
Pressure control solenoids. Sometimes, it happens when the engine is cold and you try to
Kick it off right away without warming up first.

Why does the auto transmission behave this way? Here are a few reasons and solutions for
Transmission shifting hard from 1st to 2nd;

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Dirty Transmission Fluid

The fluid gets dirty over time and when it does,
It causes plenty of troubles. Hard shifting is one of them. If the color is dark brown or burnt, changing it is likely to solve this issue.

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Dirty transmission fluid

There is a recommended schedule in the owner’s manual for changing the fluid.
However, if the fluid changes its color too often,
The transmission is wearing quicker than the normal rate. It could be a bad bearing or clutch,
So, check those components if you need to change the fluid often.

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Low Fluid Level

Fluid can get below the normal level due to a leak somewhere in the pan gasket or
Input and output shaft seals. Replacing these seals can be expensive because of their
Location inside the transmission. Rather, use a transmission sealer to repair the cranked or
Shrunk gasket or seals.

It is a hassle-free, less expensive solution that remains in the system
Until the next fluid change.

Bad Components

Another reason for transmission shifting hard from
1st to 2nd is some components gone bad. It could be a cracked o-ring or a broken spring on the piston. Replacing them is the easiest way to bring the gearbox back in order.

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To replace these components, you have to drop the pan and gasket. There is a cap on the right side of the transmission. Detach the cap by removing the bolts attached to it. Then, remove the valve body. If the transmission’s black seal is already damaged or broken,
You have to replace it.

Auto Transmission O-ring

The cap has a piston and a spring. Check their condition and the piston seal for any damage. If yes, replace them. If they are fine, go on and inspect the second spring in the valve.
Clean or change this spring and put all the components back together to
Reassemble the transmission.

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If you have not changed the fluid and replaced the filter already,
Do that while changing these parts. Otherwise, just keep the filter in a bag while
Changing the o-ring or spring and then re-install it.

The Final Words

These are the most common reasons for the hard shifting problem.
If fluid changing and replacing these parts don’t solve the issue,
You should take the car to a servicing shop for a professional checkup.

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