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Types of hydraulic valves and their functions

In a particular hydraulic system, the hydraulic valves perform different functions and allow the system to operate well. The three basic models of hydraulic valves are pressure control, flow control, and directional control hydraulic valves. These three types of valves are smooth in operation and performance and work as a whole system.

Pressure control Hydraulic valves

These valves tend to change and regulate the pressure within the tubes of the hydraulic system. They maintain the preset pressure settings, manually given by the operator. Sometimes the internal pressure is too low for operations and with the help of pressure valves, one can also increase the working pressure for better operations.

Flow Control Hydraulic Valves

These valves help in maintaining the flow of the working fluid in the hydraulic system. With the help of such hydraulic valves, you determine the speed of the working fluid in the hydraulic system. The flow control valves help in continuous operating of the hydraulic system. These valves help in maintaining the constant speed provides accuracy and efficiency.

Directional Control Hydraulic Valves

Leakages tend to affect the workability of these hydraulic valves and due to the reduction in the volume of the hydraulic liquid.

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